A Happy Day: Mothers’ Hope Expands Throughout India

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May 2011
In This Mother’s Day Edition:

  • Hope Initiatives Expanding
    *”Hope on Wheels” Updates
    * ALL NEW “Hope Learning Centers”
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We Build Hope
With Each Brick… With Each Sound…
With Each Donation…

Honor Your Mother Through Caring for the Poor

“No mother, we have not eaten, we are hungry.”


“Aapne khaana khaaya?”, I asked. It was 3pm. We spotted 2 women with 3 children approximately 3, 4 and 8 yrs, who must have been travelling by foot for a long time.
One of the women answered, but I did not understand. We gave them all warm and delicious meals. They were very happy and celebratory. We all waved goodbye like good friends after a nice visit.
When we drove away, Vinod, who had taught me to say “Have you eaten?” in Hindi the week before, explained that the woman answered, “No mother, we have not eaten, we are hungry.”
I could not talk for a bit, my heart was breaking. It was so late in the day and yet they were so cheerful and sent all of that loving, grateful energy.”
~Meena M, Hope on Wheels Goa


Donate Now and Designate to ‘Poverty and Hunger’



May 8th is Mother’s Day in North America and India. It was April 4th in the UK, and from now until the end of the year, Mother’s Day is celebrated in one month or another in one country or another.

It is unanimous around the world- Mothers merit recognition, especially the archetype of the Universal Nurturing Mother.

One of the most endearing characteristics of a mother is that she loves to feed- not just the children she birthed, but anyone and everyone, young and old. It is one of her nurturing qualities.

A mother only wants the best for the children. She not only wants to see her child survive, but to see him or her thrive.


  • Hope Initiatives Expanding Throughout India
“Hope on Wheels” – Goa

Hope on Wheels is our compassionate response to taking care of the roadside destitute. Every day in Goa, hot meals are given with love to 50 people who are completely forgotten and living on the street- the elderly, the lepers and the mentally ill. In May, we will be expanding our distribution to 100 meals per day and offering clean clothes and a comfortable mat for a better night’s rest.

“Hope on Wheels” – Chennai

Hope on Wheels Chennai has started its own kitchen where hot, nutritious and delicious meals are cooked by our own qualified chef. We reach out to communities in and around urban Chennai that have been identified by our volunteers as in need of support. In phase 1 we are feeding 85 destitute people once per week with plans of expanding to 3 times per week for phase 2. The ultimate goal is to build a large central kitchen and distribution center where meals delivered to several communities per day.

One way to honor your mother on Mother’s Day is to donate
for our Hope on Wheels program, and nurture the destitute
with food, love and the caring touches that make each day a
better experience.

What does your generous donation go towards?
$20 provides 20 hot meals, or 20 mats, or 5 new sets of clothes to the destitute or abandoned elderly

$100 provides 100 hot meals, or 100 mats, or 25 new sets of clothes for the destitute and elderly

$1000 provides 1000 hot meals, or 1000 mats, or 250 new sets of clothes for the destitute or elderly

“There was a lone figure out in an empty lot, picking up garbage. He blended well with the dull colors but for his slight movements. We stopped and offered him a fresh warm meal and engaged him in a little conversation. We learned that he was 15 years old both parents died. He was aged much beyond 15. He could not look at either of us and it seemed that he felt so ashamed. When asked if he would be interested in continuing his education he first asked if he did not collect garbage, how would he eat? Then we asked if he had food, would he then want schooling? His reply came quickly, resolutely and somewhat sadly. The other children make fun of him. It is too painful to be in school and be put down every day for collecting garbage. He did not want to go back.”
~Meena M- Hope on Wheels Goa

  • ALL NEW Hope Learning Centers

Mother Tripura Foundation Gives Birth to Hope Learning Centers Hope Learning Centers is our latest initiative to uplift poor communities by providing enhanced educational and nutritional support to their poorest children. We are selecting children who have no Hope without our help- most of these children have lost their father through his death, suicide, abandonment, and the mother working as a simple laborer truly struggles to support her children. By empowering these children with our love, enhanced education, and nutrition, our vision is for these children to become community leaders, rather than drop-outs.

Tripura has implemented Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s proven education techniques for both children and adults in several countries. Mind-Sound Technology has been the core of our Enhanced Education programs in India in both of our holistic projects of Boystown since 2001 and Girlstown since 2005.

The successful results of these facilities and programs gave us the new vision of transforming society at large at even a faster rate. The plan is underway for Hope Learning Centers in outlying urban and rural areas, where there is the greatest need for supporting children and families living in desperate conditions.

Hope Learning Centers Underway

We are in the final stages of our planning, and will be ready to launch the first 6 Centers in the Ist week of June: Selaiyur, Tirutanni, Gumudipoondi, Velur are all outlying areas of Chennai. Madurai is a separate city in Tamil Nadu, and Goa is another state on the west coast of South India.

4 more Centers are in the pipeline for launching the end of June: 1 additional in Madurai and 1 more in Goa. Details are being finalized now.

Each center provides after-school holistic support through academic tutoring, Mind Sound Technology for enhancing intelligence, Personal Transformation Program for all-around personality development, and a healthy, daily snack.

Our India Trustee and Project Manager reports that this innovative Education Initiative is being well received by the public in India and if the financial support is forthcoming, we can launch 30 more by June 2012!

Padhmasini-aged 12 years, lost both her parents and was left in the care of her aged grandmother. The grandmother works as a servant maid in order to raise this child. With a meagre income of Rs.1,000/month (approximately $23.00 US per month) it is very difficult for the grandmother to fulfill all of the child’s basic needs. There is no one to guide the child and she ranks as a below average student in her class. Padhmasini’s attendance record shows that she goes to school regularly. Even though she struggles, she is determined to come up in life.

Jayasri– aged 10 years, lost her father to AIDS last October. Her mother is HIV+ and the old grandmother takes care of them plus the 6 year old brother. The mother works as a servant maid and earns Rs.1,500/month (approximately $34.00 US per month). The mother has only one wish in this lifetime- to see her children grow and lead a happy life.