Bhuvaneshwari Cares & Shares Food

Near the end of each year, as people around the world celebrate abundance and the blessings of the year, many cultures practice traditions of caring and sharing.

Numerous people are in need around us, and it is a joy to give back, not only within our own communities near where we love, but also to those less fortunate in other nations.

At HoPE Learning Centers in India, Tripura Foundation is able to provide desperately needed resources (education, food, and clothing) to children.  As these children gain inspiration to give to others while their needs are met, they often reach out to poor elders and others in their communities by offering basic services and supplies.

As Bhuvaneshwari, an 8th Grade student in Mayandipatti, India has learned, it is a wonderful feeling to make someone else happy, whether it is her beloved grandmother (pictured here), or one of the many elderly in her village that she helps care for. Caring and sharing makes the world a better place.

We too now have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our own abundance by making the resources of HoPE Learning Centers available to as many children and elders as possible.

Help children like Bhuvaneshwari and elders in local villages. Share the Gift of Food with people  who feel pangs of hunger each day. Each dollar provides five meals to those who need it most. Share 50 nutritious meals for just $10 (one time or per month)!