As Sweet As Can Be

As Sweet As Can Be

Q: What could be sweeter than a cake baking class?

A:  A cake baking class teaching children a skill to support themselves and their families held at a HoPE Learning Center in Coimbatore, India.

Mrs. Elizabeth came from the Middle East and brought along recipes for many types of cakes.  Her specialty is a cake made with dates.

She demonstrated to the children how to bake the cake using a pressure cooker for times when other ovens might not be readily available.

She also spoke about different types of cakes and how to make them delicious, yet also cost-effective.

Under her guidance, our HoPE Center children enthusiastically baked three types of cakes, which they shared with each other and bundled up in pieces to take home to their parents.

They declared that in the future they will prepare a fine cake for Babaji’s birthday.

It doesn’t take much to fill the lives of children with HoPE and Sweetness. For only $10 a month, you can sponsor a HoPE Center child all year long, including attendance at summer workshops. For a onetime gift of $30, you can cover the costs of a local child during one of these transformative summer trainings.

Keep an eye open for more upcoming stories with photos about our children learning other  skills within their special chosen trade groups!