Volunteers of November – Marrio & Chantel Romero

Marrio and Chantel Romero

Volunteers of the Month  –  Marrio and Chantel Romero

Marrio and Chantel Romero developed curriculum for HoPE Learning Centers’ innovative Personal Transformation Program, which helps children to transform every aspect of life and unleash their highest potentials. In Chantel’s words, “Love and devotion run deep within the roots of our family.  Each time we see the smiling faces of the children at the Hope Centers, we are touched in a way that reminds us that they too are a part of our family.  We devote our time to loving them knowing that this is the power that can move mountains and right wrongs.  These children are an awesome measure of love, determination, and resilience.  Even in their early years, they are leaders without knowing.  From their example, we are reminded to laugh more, appreciate more, share more, and love more.  By these standards, even our own children have experienced the rewards of participating in the creation of the Hope curriculum. This work has been an inspiration to push beyond self-defined limits and become a part of something bigger than ourselves. “