Thinakaran is attending 7th-grade classes in Vedambur. His father and his mother work as farm laborers. He has two elder brothers. Thinakaran’s parents earn very low income but still go without necessities to allow all three to attend school instead of join them working in the fields. They genuinely hope that their boys will find better jobs and have better lives because of their education.

Thinakaran joined the HoPE Learning Center three years ago. He says attending classes at the Center motivated him to expand his general knowledge and fundamental education. He very much enjoys games and extracurricular activities. In addition to academics, he is also learning to make paper jewelry. His creations include intricate earrings and bracelets. He talks about his best friend Thamarai from class, with whom he plays kabaddi, cricket and foot races, and gets excited when his mother makes semiya kichadi, a South Indian breakfast made with vermicelli and vegetables.

Even though Thinakaran does not come from a wealthy family, he had intended to follow in their footsteps as a laborer until he got a  taste of academic success among his HoPE Center classmates. Now, he is considering a career as a police officer.

Either way, he and his classmates now look forward to their futures and your generous contributions to HoPE Learning Centers can make their dreams possible. A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one precious child. A monthly gift of $350 or a one-time donation of $4,200 helps 40 children like Thinakaran and his classmates.