The Personal Transformation Program = Confident Children

Children of Personal Transformation Program at Atchampatti Learning Center

Despite family backgrounds of poverty, cycles of abuse and circumstances that seem hopeless, HoPE Learning Center children have excelled at academics and thrived in personal development due to innovative educational programs like Phonemic Intelligence (PI) and The Personal Transformation Program (PTP). PI uses sounds to shift children’s brains toward success and abundance. PTP teaches children how to care for themselves and others in confidence and ease.

From basic grooming to complex lessons about time management and becoming role models, the Personal Transformation Program could also be titled “How to Live and Thrive on This Earth.”

Lessons include: Personality & Physical Appearance; Nutrition & Home Environment, Communications, Creative Capabilities, Personal Gifts, Teamwork & Serving Others, Overcoming Obstacles, Receiving & Teaching Wisdom, Setting Goals, Respecting Natural Resources, and Becoming A Role Model.

The Personal Transformation Program helped Pratiksha rise to the top of her class, help friends improve and make her family very proud

PTP students, like Pratiksha, who once failed in school classes and in relationships with others, have learned how to thrive. Many have also chosen to help teach other children how to live and thrive.

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