The Ever Smiling Boy!

This ever smiling boy is César Adrián Romo. When he started coming to the HoPE center, his grades were 6s or 7s out of 10s. Now he is having 9s and 10. He is 12 and is about to finish elementary school.

He said that he likes to be in the center better than in his house, that this is a good place to be. When he was asked about the practice of the sounds, he answered that he gets sleepy and starts recalling happy moments like Christmas, birthdays.…and his girlfriends.

The subject that he has mostly enjoyed was one about poetry in the philosophy class, because he found a way to express what he feels.

He still does not know what he would like to be. But he got really excited talking about science and an experiment where he had to explode a potato and the battery exploded instead!


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