Sponsor Spotlight On Hope Hero Ms. Caroline Glidden

Sponsor Spotlight On Hope Hero Ms. Caroline Glidden

“I love supporting Tripura Foundation as they do an excellent job getting the money and services to children, seniors, and families in need and I want to share an example.

One of the Hope Elders at Tripura is a father who has malformed legs and unable to walk. This condition adds additional challenges for him to work in his day to day life, and through their Hope for the Elderly Program, Tripura helps to support his family with food each month.

The team at Tripura saw the great need for this man to have a wheelchair and took the time to research and find just the right one. As I am his Hope for the Elderly sponsor, I agreed to pay for his wheelchair.  On the same day that I was told the cost of the wheelchair; I was at the store buying myself some mascara and face cream.  I was shocked as I stood at the beauty counter paying for my products, with the realization that for the price of my makeup, a man, father, in India would receive a blessing that would literally change his life.

This realization has moved me to encourage others to donate to this beautiful foundation. For the cost of a few cups of coffee, one month’s gym membership, makeup, or an evening out to dinner, you can impact the life of another human being. I hope you take a moment to consider that because to me it was palpable in my heart, how blessed my life is and that my gift can significantly impact the life of another human.

I cannot express the joyful yet humble feeling of being able to do my small part to help. One of the greatest things we can do in this life is to feed the hungry. All spiritual teachings state the virtues of helping others and Dr. Pillai has said if we have a need in our own life, feed the hungry. When I feel concerned or lack in my own life, I have learned that turning the focus towards helping others is actually the best help for me.

There are many ways we can help others and I encourage them all.  One thing I love about Tripura Foundation is that it is so easy to go online and make a donation.  In just a few seconds I can give a few dollars or a larger donation.  I have been known to log in and donate in the middle of the night because my sleep was troubled with concerns of my own life. This is a practice that has been so helpful to me many times.

Tripura offers many specific ways to donate to children, families, and the elderly. They have Hope Stations that offer food, educational support, yoga teachings, and love to the children. So please, consider making a donation today.  I promise you that the joy of helping another is one of the greatest blessings we can receive.”

Support Hope Stations by Sponsoring a Hope Child

Simply give a monthly gift of $10 or more to “Hope Learning Stations”.

Your child will receive essential nutrition, academic support, Phonemic Intelligence training, Personal Transformation lessons, and the love they need to discover their true potential.

Your gift can change a life. Thank you for being a Change Maker!