Sneha Spreads Greenery

Sneha Spreads Greenery

Sneha is in the seventh standard at a government high school in Goa. She lives with her father, mother and three younger sisters. The only source of income for her family is from her father, who is a driver. Even though they are all grateful that he is employed, the pay is meager for a family of six people.

Initially, Sneha had difficulties with some academic subjects, like reading, but her skills have vastly improved with help and encouragement from her friend, Asmita, and her teacher, Mrs. Shilpa, whom she met at her local Hope Learning Center.

In addition to thriving academically, Sneha now takes part in extracurricular activities such as drawing, and painting. She recently participated in a drawing competition and she won!.

Sneha is always kind to people, especially elderly neighbors, but she is most fond of other life forms, like ones that grow in her garden. At her Hope Learning Center, Sneha learned the importance of planting trees for food, cooler temperatures and oxygen. She has since planted quite a number of plants around her home and village. She takes immense care to see that they grow well and even tells her family members to take care of all plants.

Against great challenges, Hope kids like Sneha not only survive but also contribute beneficial skills to their surrounding environments. Your generous contributions to Hope Learning Centers make their growth possible. A monthly contribution of only $10 covers all expenses for one precious child. A monthly gift of $350 or a one-time donation of $4,200 helps 40 children like Sneha thrive, succeed and maintain what is green!