Ramya- Volunteer Dance Teacher at Girlstown

I had the pleasure recently of volunteering at the Chennai Girlstown Program. The girls were INCREDIBLY JOYFUL AND FRIENDLY when I arrived, each one shaking my hand and introducing themselves to me in English.

I am a Flamenco dancer so I decided it might be fun to do a Flamenco class with them. Well, the girls took to Flamenco dancing the way race horses take to running! These girls had so much rhythm and grace and excellent attention in class. Even without proper music or shoes the girls learned some Flamenco songs and a short dance in no time. They were even able to do a short Flemenco recital (with simple Flamenco costumes and everything!) at their Christmas party.

The highlight for me, though, was seeing the girls do their Indian dances to both Indian Classical and Indian pop music. The girls were FANTASTIC and I wanted to steal all of their cool steps! They were excellent choreographers as well. I am hoping to come back to Chennai with proper Flamenco music next visit and form the Arut Perum Jyothi Dance Company!

Love & Grace Light,
Ramya, Los Angeles, CA

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