Project SAVE : Meet HoPE Hero Santhanalukshmi

The students of Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Centers in India continue to perform acts of bravery and compassion!

In the above video, we introduce Santhanalakshmi, another amazing young Tripura HoPE hero attending 8th grade in the Trichy area in India.  Click PLAY above to find out exactly what makes her a true hero, especially to two of her classmates who would have otherwise drowned in a nearby river if it wasn’t for her quick thinking and fast action.

Your recurring monthly donation (no matter how small!) makes all the difference in the lives of children like Santhanalakshmi and her two classmates!

To make your contribution, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero!