Personal Miracle Story From Kala

Personal Miracle Story From Kala

Hello, my name is Kala. I have been a student of Dr. Pillai’s since 1999. I am the daughter of a Christian protestant American father and a Japanese Buddhist mother. I was instilled in the teachings of Jesus from a young age attending church every Sunday as a child. Although Dr. Pillai taught about Hindu archetypes and I visited India on birthday trips twice, I always still felt a close deep connection to Jesus. I attended a church near my home in Massachusetts, went on a trip to Israel, and was baptized in the Jordan River by the church pastor. I even had a deeply moving visitation from Jesus around 1996 around 3 am after going through some deeply emotional hardships. He came to me in his light body and said, ‘God is sad.’ I was so afraid I ran into another room. When I came back into the room, Jesus was gone. I wish now I would’ve stayed and had the courage to talk to Jesus when he visited me. Years later, I opened up to Jesus’ words, ‘God is sad’ and what it meant in my life and the world.

When I attended church, the pastor that baptized me always quoted from the bible Malachi 3:10, ‘Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.’ So, I decided to try tithing. Dr. Pillai once mentioned in one of his seminars that we should try to give at least 3% of our income. I decided I could do better and give 10% of every paycheck. Lauren Daigle, a Christian rock singer, has a beautiful song called ‘First’ with the first line, ‘Before I bring my need, I will bring my heart.’ So, I will share how in a beautiful way, I came to know the magic of tithing by putting a tithe first before even paying any bills and letting God bless me with everything I would need, and he did bless me indeed!

I will share the first miracle. I personally decided to set an amount to give to Dr. Pillai’s beloved foundation Tripura Foundation, because it is close to his heart, I wanted to give a powerful gift that was a stretch for me, but that personally showed my commitment to God that I was serious in my spiritual practice. The amount I chose was $1000. I would be able to donate $1000 for three months, and then I would be out of money. So, I did. It was one of my secret acts of kindness that Dr. Pillai advised us to do. I had been going through some very troubling, difficult karma in 2018 with family members, my housing, mental state, fear, anxiety, and legal issues. I had no one to help; it was beyond anything anyone could assist me. I had to find the answers within myself. So, although I could’ve used the $3000 for personal advancement, I placed the money in the hand of God with prayers that God would resolve every problem. And God did. It has been five years, and every issue has been resolved, including my bank account, where God has steadily increased my finances monthly. Along the way, I had to pay for a lawyer for a severe legal issue in 2021.

I had been in the hospital, and I came out without having worked in weeks and had to scrap and save enough money to pay for the full legal fee upfront before the lawyer would work on my case. The church asked for a tithe, but I literally had $10 to my name after paying all the legal fees until my next paycheck. I promised I would catch up with my 10 % tithe as soon as my next paycheck the next month. Some interesting developments happened, and I won my court case, which could have been much worse! I caught up with my 10 % tithe the next month and got back on schedule. This was a lesson in faith for me and for anyone reading this. If you can find it within you to give God 10% of your income, God will open the doors of heaven and bless you in your needs. It benefits both you and the people’s lives you’re touching with the donation as well as you are following the divine will.

Another blessing from the $3000 Tripura Donation was that I was accepted into the Mystery School program, which brought me closer to real-time teachings from Dr. Pillai and remedies that continue to open beautiful doorways in my life.

The blessings in the last two years have been so numerous and so beautiful my gratitude has peaked, and every day, I am reminded of these beautiful blessings in my life. My family relationships had a miraculous turnaround which has put me at ease and brings me happiness. I have a new romantic relationship which is such a fantastic blessing; I remind him daily of how grateful I am he is in my life. In terms of health, I lost 23 pounds in the last two years, so I also had a weight loss miracle even without exercising. I was blessed with a new job contract last year that brought in a significant amount of money, and I was able to save a great deal of money for future expenses. Although the job contract is over, I have the money I need now for pressing expenses that have come up, and I have the hope that if I continue to tithe, I will get another job offer that is just as good or even better.

Another financial miracle I had with tithing was a tax refund miracle. When I had done my calculations for my 2022 taxes, I calculated I would pay around $7000 in taxes potentially, and I had just finished my job contract, so I sent my taxes over to my tax consultant and hoped for the best. I checked my tithing for my 2022 tax donation year, and it was a little over $3000. When I got my tax refund, I was so happy and elated that I got a refund instead of having to pay $7000! The amount was $3039.00, almost to the penny how much I had tithed in 2022. So, when I gave to God from my heart, he saw my need and gave the tithe right back to me as a blessing.

So, I ask you to find in your own heart today an amount you could give. Then go back and make that amount bigger. My pastor used to say, find the biggest bill in your wallet and give it. You can’t out-give God. I’ve tried the tithing philosophy in the bible, and I realize it absolutely works. God meets all my needs. I still have some pressing needs to resolve, and I find that my practice of tithing will fix all my problems one by one. And the blessing the recipient feels and of making Dr. Pillai joyous is priceless. It’s a win-win situation. I recommend you try it as a spiritual exercise in faith and give the largest dollar donation or start with 10% of every paycheck, give to Tripura Foundation, and pray for all the beautiful blessings to unfold in your life. My continuous daily miracles, health, relationship, financial and spiritual, are proof it works! Be blessed in your giving.