Mohini’s 2021 Birthday Wish

Mohini’s 2021 Birthday Wish

“The happiest birthday I can imagine is giving the gift of Heaven on Earth to our Hope children and elderly we care for in India.

Someday we will bring Heaven to all people all over the world, as we join together in God’s Love and the miracle-making power of God flows through us to others!

Any gift of any amount your heart feels called to give will literally bring Heaven to the people who truly need your help.”

– Mohini

This year, Tripura is so very honored to celebrate the birth of our Global Director, Elaine “Mohini” Kueper. For 30 years, she has committed herself to Dr. Pillai’s vision of Heaven on Planet Earth.

As a part of the Tripura Foundation family, we join her in making it happen together!

Dr. Pillai has often shared stories of Mohini’s long-standing dedication that has helped to bring transformational teachings to those in need.

If you have received the benefit of Mohini’s selfless dedication, we invite you to join us in giving her the one gift she holds closest to her heart – the well-being of our Hope children and elders.

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