Kanagavalli – An Unsung Hero

Kanagavalli – An Unsung Hero

Kanagavalli is such an energetic and happy person that one could never imagine the tears she holds back when she speaks about her life prior to our HoPE Learning Centers. When she married into a very average family, she had no idea how much pain she would experience.

Kanagavalli is an admirable person. She is dedicated and truly inspiring to the children who are fortunate enough to be under her guidance.

Kanagavalli’s husband earned an amount that barely met the family’s monthly expenses. Her father-in-law lived with them and she stayed home to take care of him.  She soon became mother to an adorable baby girl named Abinaya. Abinaya is a fifth grader in the local government school in her village.

They lived a normal life for a while. Then, the family experienced the most shocking news of their life when a second child was born. The baby boy, Akash, was born with a serious disorder. He cannot move because his spine cannot support his body. He can neither speak nor understand what happens around him.

Once she got over her initial shock, Kanagavalli got a job at a local care center for autistic children. Every day, she brought Akash with her, to sit with the other children while she took care of them.

She was paid Rs 2000, which the family desperately needed to start treatment for Akash. Her former life was turned upside down, but she saved every penny for her son’s treatment.

Akash is now two years old, and Kanagavalli recently joined the staff at the local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center. Every evening, Kanagavalli brings Akash to the Center, sits him in a chair and ties a piece of cloth around him so that he can sit upright and look around with support.

She teaches the HoPE Center children with such dedication that the there is a drastic difference in their performance and behavior. She has encouraged many challenged children to come out and embrace who they are. She never shows the children the sad part of her life and always enjoys making them happy.

Akash is undergoing treatment in Chennai. The doctors are trying their best to at least correct his spine so that he can move on his own. As for the disorder that affects his nervous system, there seems no hope. Yet, Kanagavalli hasn’t given up. She is hopeful that the doctors will one day help her little son move on his own.

Kanagavalli is grateful to Tripura Foundation for the opportunity to teach the children and for the salary she earns which is most vital for her son’s treatment.

Though she looks at her son with tears and pain in her eyes, she never lets it get in her way. She dedicates much of her time to the children at the HoPE Learning Center and helps them lead better lives. She is an unsung hero amidst a world of harsh living conditions.

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