Introducing the Hope Survival Gift Pack

Introducing the Hope Survival Gift Pack

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your love and support for our Hope for Chennai initiative! In Phase 2 of our initiative, we are delivering Hope Survival Gift Packs to the poorest people who have been hit the hardest by the Chennai floods.  Their tiny huts have either been washed away or badly damaged, and the few belongings they had are gone as well.  No work has been available for at least 6 weeks due to the rains and then the flood, so they literally have no money for food.
Introducing the Hope Survival Gift Pack!

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Yesterday, after completing a distribution of Hope Survival Gift Packs to 100 people in a village near Chennai, our Tripura India Trustee Yadeesh called me. He shared that he was deeply moved by the plight of the people – most of them were abandoned by relatives, some were blind, others were suffering from leprosy, or very old.

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One particular elderly lady whose roof collapsed in the midst of the cyclone was stranded in her hut and trapped in water, alone and helpless.  Since the flood, she has not been able to walk due to being trapped in water for so long.

Yadeesh told me that he was so grateful that our Hope Survival Gift Packs were going to people who were so carefully selected by our Hope Center champions on the ground, and so very deserving.

Our Hope Survival Gift Pack is certainly the greatest Christmas gift these good souls could ever receive. We greatly appreciate all donations made to “Hope for Chennai” so we can continue to bring Hope to those who need it the most in the aftermath of this disaster.

Love, Mohini