Hope Hero Spotlight: Arjuna

Hope Hero Spotlight: Arjuna

Arjuna A. Ramnarine MBA, CPA, CMA, is Tripura Foundation’s volunteer CFO, and whose story stems from gratitude for his personal experience of change and fortune, and his desire to give back as a result of these blessings.


In sharing my story, it is my hope that you will be inspired to:

  • believe in a world of all possibilities and that you, too, can experience positive life changes;
  • nurture compassion for others; in giving, the Universe flows endless opportunities to you for your expansion;
  • take purposeful action – to join in our mission to transform the lives of those in underprivileged circumstances and care for children and seniors in meaningful ways.

I met Dr. Pillai in 2005.  At that time, I thought I was experiencing life challenges.  Little did I know at that time, that it was going to get worse.  In brief, it did.  Three years later, I lost everything, including my home.  I was emotionally tired from, frustrated with, and challenged by a personal perspective that desired change, yet faced with a hopeless day-to-day reality that reinforced the impossibility of manifesting that change.

It was the compassion and super-intelligence of Dr. Pillai, a Great Master / Teacher / Father, who helped me out of this life situation with grace and untouched by harm’s ways.  With Dr. Pillai’s blessings and the disciplined practice of his very scientific teachings, I regained everything.

The mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual turmoil I went through are no different from what the children and elders we serve experience day in and night out.  There are so many who are in dire need of a gentle, guiding and compassionate hand, just like I did.

Tripura Foundation is that Divine Hand in action!

Today, I’m happy to give back by serving in a strategic capacity and being part of the Tripura team that is focused on bringing positive change to these lives. With 20 years of comprehensive experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit industries, I bring leadership to adopting best practices, so we can continue to build a transparent and healthy financial and operational framework, which ensures its long term growth, success and sustainability.

Through the creation and implementation of programs, Tripura Foundation can make a significant difference today in the lives of those in greatest need.  Fortunate to have personally seen the growth and success of these programs over the years, I am convinced that every dollar you contribute gives way more hope to each child and senior than that dollar could ever purchase otherwise.

Please join Tripura Foundation to help us bring our programs to every village in India.  Donate today!

Be a part of our conscious and deliberate effort to manifest a vision of well-being, love, compassion and joy – to transform villages and give Hope one child and one senior at a time.

– Arjuna A. Ramnarine MBA, CPA, CMA