HLC Children are Extending your Compassionate Acts of Giving


This month’s service project brings an elderly couple a long lost holiday joy.

Tripura’s Children Give Back

Thanks to you, HLC children are learning to give back. Grateful for what they have received,
the children are extending your compassionate acts of giving.


Thrilled to Celebrate

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in South India.

Fortunate families will spend days together celebrating.

Our children are thrilled to celebrate at their center instead of feeling left out at home.


Time to Give Back

A HLC teacher shares the heart break of a local elderly couple who has no family support or resources to participate.



A Humble Home

Eager to help, the children arrive at the Pandurang’s humble home and clean. Chores are difficult for elders without help.



Beautiful Creations

The children create beautiful rangoli art using colored sand to make floral designs around the home.




Feeling Proud

Flags are handmade and tied to the roof. For the first time in many years, the elders are proud of their beautified home.




Honoring Tradition

The children give gifts to the elders of items needed for traditional festival ceremonies.




Sweet Smiles

Sweet treats cause the elders to smile. This is a luxury they can’t normally afford.





A Celebration of Gratitude

The Pandurang’s home is ready to celebrate. They shared their immense gratitude calling the visit a “God send”.

Compassionate Giving

Your support of HLCs creates a wide spread ripple of compassion that touches many lives.

Consider making a monthly gift of compassion.