Helping One Family Has the Power to Uplift an Entire Community

Helping One Family Has the Power to Uplift an Entire Community

Through our Million Meals of Hope initiative, we have become a vital umbrella organization with a national commitment to feed the hungry. To strategically consolidate efforts, we partner with food banks that have local community reach.

One of our partner food banks, City Harvest of New York City, recently shared the following wonderful story of Hope from one of the clients they serve:

After living in a shelter for some time, Lenora moved to the Melrose Section of the Bronx, where she has been living for nine years now.

Last March, Lenora was laid off from her job as a nurse’s aide and began to worry about how she would be able to support herself and her five children, with a sixth on the way, without any government assistance.

Although she was skeptical at first, a good friend convinced her to attend their local Mobile Markets.

This initiative has since turned into a family activity for Lenora and her children. Her kids love bringing back food and enjoy trying new foods.  Because of Mobile Markets, Lenora and her children were able to try zucchini for the first time and all of them now enjoy eating it.

Lenora has also started volunteering at the Markets.  By picking up food for elderly residents who are unable to attend the market and delivering it directly to them, she is proudly able to give back to her own community.

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