Heartfelt Feedings to Those in the Most Need

Heartfelt Feedings to Those in the Most Need

As regions of the western United States recover from years of drought due to the generosity of recent storm clouds, people in India pray for rain, since they are now facing water scarcity. Children at our HoPE Learning Centers are doubling their prayers because the recent drought has also led to damaged crops, food scarcity, and widespread hunger.

Mr. Akash Mahabir, sponsor of the Thippanur HoPE Learning Center, stepped up above and beyond his commitment to sponsor his children’s learning and daily mini meals for an entire year, by treating the eager children to an impromptu feast of delicious vegetable biryani with kurma and jalebi, a national sweet of India made of fragmented wheat flour dipped in melted sugar.

We at Tripura Foundation welcome our HoPE Center sponsors to pay, within their means, for special treats for their children, to write to their children, and/or to schedule a visit with their children at the centers that they sponsor if they are able.

Even in times of drought and hunger, it doesn’t cost much to bring HoPE to children in need. It costs only $300 a month to sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center. If that is not within your budget right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship for one child, including tutoring, lessons, materials, daily mini meals, and national holiday activities.

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