From Despair to Hope

From Despair to Hope

Karupaathaal did not have a great start in life. She has no memories of her childhood, and she was married in her early teens. Life felt cruel to her because she was never blessed with a child. She only had her husband to lean on throughout her life, until he passed away.  Since then, she has been living a miserable, lonely existence.

Karupaathaal is now nearly 90 years old, lives alone in a small thatched house, and has no family to care for her. Suffering a partial loss of sight has made it difficult for her to provide herself even the most basic necessities. Adding to her sorrow and loneliness, she has a medical condition that doesn’t allow her to stand or walk properly. To get anywhere in her house, she has to crawl.  She also cannot speak continuously without taking breaks in the middle of sentences.

Until a couple of years ago, even in her poor health condition, she still worked tirelessly for her daily survival. As she has aged, her medical condition has worsened and rendered her unable to continue working.

As part of the Tripura Foundation Hope for the Elderly initiative, and through your generous donations, we are able to provide her with food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities.

It’s also heartwarming to see our Hope Learning Center students reaching out to Karupaathaal with such compassion and care.  Some of them cook for her and help her with chores. They also visit her regularly just to keep her company and spend time with her. This encourages her and gives her Hope.  It has even helped her regain her health to a certain degree.

After spending the majority her life alone and in poor health, Karupaathaal is thriving with the support of Tripura Foundation and our Hope Learning Center students.

Like Karupaathaal, there are many thousands more elderly people suffering ill health in solitude, struggling to survive, living in despair.  We depend on donations from compassionate souls like you to continue providing help and Hope to aging members of our communities.

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