Every Child Counts! Tripura Foundation Strives to Uphold the Rights of Children

At Tripura Foundation, we are passionate about our cause to promote equal rights of children, to bring them out of poverty and suffering and to support their full participation in the social and economic development of their communities. 

That’s our vision and it’s the world we would like to build with you.

In our mission to alleviate suffering for children, we have employed many means and interventions. Through our observations in monitoring over 90 centers worldwide, we have found that our program “Phonemic Intelligence” is key to the solution of poverty eradication that we are achieving for underprivileged children in many parts of the world. Phonemic Intelligence is a set of brain strengthening exercises for children that has proven very effective in promoting enhanced learning ability and focus among children.

In this series of videos, you can learn more about the Phonemic Intelligence Program and how you can contribute to this solution reaching more underprivileged children across the world.

To donate, Go to https://www.tripurafoundation.org/donate_8