Diwali 2018

Be The Light In A Child’s World This Diwali

Watch the delight and excitement of our Hope Center children enjoying Diwali celebrations you helped make possible in 2018!

Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights, it is the biggest and brightest festival in India, and it will be celebrated on October 29th this year.  The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair.
Diwali is like Christmas for Indian children, and the traditional hallmark of Diwali celebrations is that everyone wears new clothes on Diwali. Every child waits with great anticipation for the gift of a beautiful new dress for girls, or a smart full outfit for boys.
For our Hope Center children who live in poverty and family situations of tragedy and challenge, the gift of a Diwali dress is truly a symbol to them of their new life of hope and transformation at Hope Centers, feeling loved and cared for in every way.
To give our children the greatest joy in celebrating Diwali, we host a grand party with performances by the children, and the culminating great climax of distributing their new Diwali dresses, along with a special feast of delicacies. We invite our Hope elders, abandoned elders supported by Tripura, who have often been identified by our Hope children- and give gifts of new clothes and a feast as well.
This year, we want to give our children a Diwali they will never forget. The cost per Hope child for the beautiful new dress and feast is $10.
  • $10 supports 1 child with Diwali celebration, feast, and new clothes
  • $50 supports 5 children with Diwali celebration, feast, and new clothes
  • $400 supports all 40 children in Hope Center with Diwali celebration, feast, and new clothes

For only $10 per child, you can help us give these children gifts they will cherish and love.

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