Palanisamy, from Pachapalayam, India, an active child with strong social values, shared with his HoPE Learning Center teachers his concern for the village bus stop.

It was run down, dirty and had become a shelter for stray cattle over the past few years.

When the teachers asked him what he thought could be done to make the bus stop clean and safe, Palanisamy immediately expressed his plan to clean it up and then sought the help of his friends (Abitha, Sangamithra, Vijayalakshmi, Vetrivel and others) to turn his plan into action.

Every day, they worked for an hour after school.

Within two weeks, they accomplished their goal, and a new clean, safe bus stop was made for the children and other villagers to use and take pride in. Everyone in the village appreciated the efforts of our HoPE children.

The children intend to write beautiful verses on the walls of the bus stop to motivate others toward embracing high human values and furthering good causes.

Sangamithira and Vetrivel also planted tree saplings near the road side as part of their birthday celebrations. This motivated their friends to plan to plant more saplings during upcoming important occasions. For example, one small boy in the local village will plant a Neem sapling on his birthday.

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