Sithayammal is a very quiet girl who frequently speaks about being inspired by Tripura Foundation’s founder, Dr. Baskaran Pillai.

She likes to sing and dance. She is a free spirit who spends her time practicing dance moves and listening to music.

She is also well known in her village for her tendency to help others even at such a young age.  She spends time walking the streets of her village, meeting old people and helping anyone who expresses a need. She listens to their worries and other things they like to share with her. She is of the opinion that sometimes people don’t need money; they instead need someone who will sit next to them and share their time. She says that no matter what she becomes in the future, her main aim will be to help others in every way possible.

It is obvious to everyone who meets her that Sithayammal is special. She is wise for her age.  She is influential and inspirational to people of all ages around her.

It doesn’t take much to help a special child like Sithayammal. Right now, only $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials and daily mini meals for one child. For only $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center, including Sithayammal’s Center, Sakkudi!