He is the “poster boy” of Boystown; becoming educated and grateful for the opportunities he now gives back as a volunteer both at the Selaiyur Boystown and the Gumundipoondi Boystown mentoring and teaching and supervising the MST program.

As of 2009, Simiyon is 25 years old and finishing up his M Phil, after completing his BA, MA, and BEd.  His love is in Historical Studies and research and after graduating this summer he plans to get either a government officer position or maybe teach at a college level.

He won 1st place in the district at a BA level in Tamil language, placed 3rd at a State level in Leadership Training, has spoken at a college for English, and has qualified for many international competitions.

He is the only one ever to be educated in his family line.  He is also the first one of his native village to get a degree.

Simiyon came to Boystown at 12 years old.  His father died leaving his mother with 3 children to raise on a coolie’s wages.  She is a day laborer taking on small house keeping jobs.

For 16 years now Simiyon has only been back to his village 1 or 2 days every year.  He loves his family and his village, however he has no desire to holiday there as Boystown is his home.  He considers Mr Kannan the administrator his father, and the other staff his family.  Boystown changed his life.  He has been provided with education and the other necessities and also built good character and a humane outlook by examples shown to him.  Entering Boystown changed his life but he says that 10th standard, in 1999, was the real turning point.  He failed his government exams.  The staff at supporters of Boystown believed in him however and got him extra tutoring and gave moral support.  He passed and the rest is history.

He will live at Boystown until he finishes his degrees.  He works part time as a guide, mentor, and tutor for the younger boys.  He will continue to support Boystown even when he is out in the world and his deep desire is to ‘pay it forward’.  His dream is to help the poor people and give them the same opportunities that he has had.