Like many HoPE Center children, Saravanan and his older sister have laborer parents who struggle every day to put food on the table. They are unable to overcome their conditions and escape poverty for many reasons, the biggest being that they are both illiterate.

Saravanan is fortunate to be able to attend local government school, plus supplemental tutoring and other forms of support at his HoPE Learning Center in Velur.

He has been attending his HoPE Learning Center after school for the past year for academic tutoring and to practice yoga and Phonemic Intelligence, which have helped him focus on his studies and his future. He is doing well and even helps a handicap boy in his school who isn’t able to walk on his own.

Saravanan has a great attitude and is becoming a role model to other children and even adult villagers. He willingly takes part in all school and HoPE Learning Center activities.

Recently, he and his fellow HoPE Learning Center students marched through his village displaying placards against using plastic materials and thermo coal. Saravanan is grateful for such opportunities because he feels it is important to do his part to protect the environment for generations to come.

Learning to read and connecting with other supportive children has allowed Saravanan access to new worlds; worlds that his parents and grandparents have been unable to access. He knows more about his own world as well. He is grateful to his HoPE Learning Center teachers for helping him visualize a sustainable future.

It doesn’t take much to help a special child like Saravanan gain new worlds by ending a long cycle of poverty. Right now, just $9 a month covers the costs of HoPE Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials and daily mini meals for one child. For only $300 a month, you can sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center (40 children), including Saravanan’s Center, Velur II!