Dear Tripura Family,

We’d like to say thank you for your generous support enabling Tripura to positively change lives and alleviate human suffering.

In the spirit of keeping with Dr. Pillai’s dream that we all commit to sharing $1-a-day, we are delighted to honor your commitment with a gift in return.


A Gift For You

A Gift For YouThrough the generosity of our partner, Pillai Center, anyone signed up as recurring sponsor giving at least $1-a-day ($30 monthly) or more by May 3rd will receive the following:

Both gifts are opportunities to increase your wealth consciousness and multiply the abundance you share.

How Do I Receive My Gift?

Click here to visit the Tripura Donate page and begin your recurring donation of $30 or more no later than May 3rd.

  1. In the DONATE section, select at least $30 or more
  2. In DONATION FREQUENCY, select “Charge my card monthly”
  3. In PROGRAM ALLOCATION, select the initiative that speaks to you most, or simply select General Fund
  4. Click DONATE NOW – and you’re done!

If you are already signed up to donate $30 or more monthly, sit back and relax!

Once the May 3rd deadline for sign-up has passed, we’ll be sending all those who qualify instructions via email on how to access your gifts via the Pillai Center website.  Keep an eye on your inbox!

Continue Giving and ReceivingTripura is committed to giving back more often to generous sponsors like you on a monthly basis.Once you sign up as a recurring sponsor, donating $30 or more per month, you’ll receive more special gifts like these from our growing list of Tripura partners.

At the beginning of each month, keep a look-out for a special Tripura member’s mailer sharing what gifts are available for redemption.

In Service,
Your Tripura Team