Dr Pillai (aka:  Baba), the founder of Tripura Foundation,  has always put foremost priority on the alleviation of poverty / on feeding the poor and that is why He set up the Tripura Foundation (www.tripurafoundation.org/).

When He was in Goa, Dr Pillai came up with the revolutionary “Briyani for the Hungry” Food Project to feed the very poor families of Goa, India,   Briyani. Briyani is regarded as a rich-man’s food – it is a rice dish that has been marinated for long hours with spices and nutrient-rich protein supplements then served with a variety of tasty accompaniments such curries and chutneys.

The initial “Briyani for the Hungry” Project will start on 3 January 2011 and 100 poor families will be served with food packets of fresh Protein Rich Briyani.

Dr Pillai’s project is revolutionary because He wants to give the very best for the very least. These poor families have never experienced such good food. On a daily basis, their diet usually consists of watery rice and a few vegetables. Giving the poor families  Briyani will give them an opportunity to eat food that they would never imagine being able to afford.

In time, Dr Pillai’s vision is to expand the “Briyani for the Hungry” Project to other parts of India starting with Chennai.