My birthday is Oct. 18th and Diwali is Oct. 30th.  I’m writing this letter to request a birthday gift that means everything to me – a $9 Diwali gift that provides a set of new clothes for one of my 4,040 children at our HoPE Centers in India.

Diwali is like Christmas for my children, and a set of new clothes is the greatest joy of the year for every Indian child on Diwali.

A new set of clothes represents a new beginning with the victory of Light over darkness during Diwali, when millions of lamps are lit all throughout India.

A few years ago, I was present at one of the Grand Diwali celebrations that we host for our children.  When I arrived, over 400 children in the room jumped to their feet with utter joy and excitement, as they knew the festivities had begun – dancing, singing, receiving a set of new clothes, and a grand banana leaf feast for the children, as well as destitute elders they invite to the celebration to gift with clothes.  Our staff carried in massive bags of new clothes through the crowd of children to the adorned stage- it looked to me like the ultimate Santa Claus experience.

The joy, excitement and gratitude of my HoPE children hit me like a tidal wave of LOVE more tangible and powerful than I have ever experienced.  And as I handed each child their new set of clothes, they looked up at me with eyes shining with Light… This Light of a new life is what we really give at HoPE Centers.

To me, my HoPE children are like the Diwali lamps lit all throughout India – they have transitioned from the darkness of despair to a life of Light and HoPE.

And they are transforming their families, friends, schools and villages by performing deeds of kindness everywhere and sharing everything they learn at HoPE Centers.  Indeed, they bring Light to the darkness of rural poverty in India, and are a role model for many others to move from despair to HoPE.

Can you please help to bring that special Diwali joy of a set of new clothes to one of my children with just a $9 donation?  I have 4040 children who need a Diwali gift, so if you can also invite your family and friends to give a Diwali gift for one of my children too, I would be so grateful.

If you choose to select a recurring monthly donation of $9, then you can also sponsor the ongoing monthly education of a HoPE child at our HoPE Centers.  I have over 400 children in need of sponsorship, so your ongoing support would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for anything you can give – it is truly the greatest gift for me and my children.

Love, Mohini