Laurie, District PI Coordinator of New York

Meet Laurie Thomas, District PI Coordinator of New York. For the last year and a half, Laurie has been reaching outside of the average parameters of her life to do more for 1200 children in her community who need it the most.

We applaud her for tending to her children with attention to detail, often visiting their classrooms to check in on them, champion their progress, and give them the love and support they need to use PI as an independent tool for success in their lives.

What inspires us most about Laurie is that she did not bind herself with traditional views of what she was capable of doing based on her educational background, career history, or personal interests. She saw a need in her community and made the effort to reach into the unknown, committed to making a difference where it was needed most.

Get to Know Laurie…

“My name is Laurie Thomas. I am an artist by trade and live in New York City. I came here from Canada 26 years ago. I studied to receive my BFA in Canada and my MFA in the USA.

My paintings are exhibited and collected. One of my favorite projects are animal portraits. My grandfather had a photographic portrait studio in Canada.

For this past year, I have been introducing Phonemic Intelligence programs to NYC area. At present, we have two schools in the lower east side practicing PI. This is unfolding to include afterschool programs and many more public schools.

The private school agenda of PI is in beginning stages of conception. This will prosper as the public program grows.

What inspired me to bring PI to the students is the innate compassionate nature of children. PI gives the opportunity to bring the struggling parts of their brain to wholeness. The evidence of this is in their new capacity to be kind to themselves and others, and to suddenly make academic progress.

I see how the brain can do the transformational work. We do not have to struggle. Being part of a community effort brings a good sense of belonging for all us.”

Interested in service work like Laurie’s?

Laurie has been an amazing part of the Tripura Foundation’s team, helping to spread Dr. Pillai’s key tool for permanent transformation – Phonemic Intelligence.

If you are interested in becoming a PI coordinator to support the use of PI in the local school programs in your community, inquire at to speak with a PI programs support coordinator.