Manjula is the oldest child in her family. She has always felt responsible for her two-year-old brother because her parents haven’t taken care of them. Her mother used to work in the neighborhood and brought home scraps of food when she could. Since her father was an alcoholic who verbally abused the family, Manjula felt like she had to protect her brother from her father. She didn’t spend weekends playing with other children. Her mother never tried to end this cycle.

When Manjula first came to her HoPE Learning Center a year ago, she was sad, silent, and indifferent to her surroundings. Fortunately, her teachers were able to reach out to her mother with advice on how to better care for her children, and how to get help for her husband’s alcoholism. Now Manjula’s father has been sober for over nine months, and her mother is finally taking proper care of Majula and her siblings.

Manjula brightly talks non-stop about all the beautiful things she has experienced in her life. She says that she now feels safe and free. She is grateful to Tripura Foundation for the changes in her life and aims to make future children at her HoPE Learning Center proud of what she will accomplish when she grows up.

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