I am 11 years old. I remember that before to come to the HoPE center I was confused and I used to fight with my   sister, who is 7, and with my mother. Now, with the practice of the sounds, we get along much better; I feel more free and confident. I am studying in 6th grade. I already was a good student, but now I am better, my general     grades  are 9.6 out of 10.

My favorite lesson of the Personal Transformation Program is the one about assertiveness. Now I have moved from aggression to dialogue and I can solve my problems in a better way.

My mom is a housewife and my dad is a mason. We all practice the sounds together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; because the other days we go to church. During the vacation time I was sad, because I wanted to come to the center; I wait all day to come.

I feel happier; I know I’m in a better path now.

HoPE center La Pasión, México. April, 2014

Note: She answered to an open question about her life before and after the Sounds Technique and the Personal Transformation Program. The testimony reflects her own words –not common in children of her age and environment.

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