Tripura Foundation’s Hope Learning Center students continue to impress and amaze all those around them with their heroic and brave acts of compassion, love and selflessness.

Take, for example, Rakesh, a ninth standard student at our Murukkampattu HoPE Learning Center.  In the short video clip below, discover exactly what makes Rakesh one of our bravest HoPE heroes yet!

With your continued support and generous donations, more and more children like Rakesh will have the resources and support they require to have the presence of mind to watch out for those around them, to create a brighter, happier future, and to spread compassion and HoPE wherever they go – to help end poverty and suffering everywhere!

To make your donation, visit the Tripura Foundation donation page, and select ‘HoPE Child’ in the ‘Designate To’ drop-down menu to ensure your contribution goes to another child with the potential to become our next HoPE hero.