“I had an unforgettable experience while participating in our Briyani for the Hungry initiative in Goa.  One auspicious night, we were delivering the hot meals late in the evening to the destitute along the road, as we drove through villages.  The moon bathed the heart-rending images of the destitute as they prepared for a night’s rest.

Goa- homeless elder

Homeless Elder in Goa

We found cluster after cluster of elderly and frail-looking people huddled together, sitting or laying on the concrete by the side of the road, dressed in thin and worn clothing.  The night was chilly and I was cold even getting in and out of our car as I handed out the food packets.  These people had very little warm clothes or blankets- some were sitting on the cold concrete, or laying on scraps of cardboard.  Their faces and bodies showed the ravages of poverty.

Feeding poor in Goa

One particular cluster of elderly people were laying on the street outside a temple.  We stopped and I handed each of them a packet of briyani, warm and smelling fragrant.  They each smiled a big grin back at me, and several of them raised their hand with an extended palm to bless me.  I felt a light hit my brain, emanating from their palms.  As we drove away, I felt surrounded by a field of bliss.

When I arrived home, and closed my eyes to pray over my dinner, the light was still visible in the right side of my brain.  I went to sleep that night embraced by light and bliss.

I realized that even though we were able to extend the comfort of a hot meal to those suffering individuals, I was the one who received the greatest blessing- the light of God emanated from those simple souls and I felt forever changed.

That night, the idea came to me that we needed a mobile unit to provide all the most basic needs to those who have nothing.  For those that don’t have the gift of living in a community with their basic needs taken care of, we can bring some form of shelter and vital items needed to them- wherever they happen to be each day.

Our HoPE on Wheels is being launched in February, in Goa, in honor of our

Dr. Pillai, Founder Tripura Foundation

founder, Dr. Pillai’s B-day on Feb. 1st. I remember many occasions as Dr. Pillai described being kept awake at night by the cries of the hungry, or his compassion as he would hold up a bottle of costly medicine that would take away pain- but often completely out of the reach of the poor.

The greatest B-day gift for Dr. Pillai is to join us in financially supporting our HoPE on Wheels initiative.  HoPE on Wheels is his compassion in action, and we HoPE to expand this service to many locations in India.

We are the ones who are truly blessed to give to those who could not survive without our support- God’s grace comes to us through acts of compassion.

We thank our sponsor, Astroved.com, for the timely donation of a reliable and sturdy vehicle to be the wheels of our HoPE on Wheels!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of both of these initiatives.”

HoPE Delivers!

~Elaine “Mohini” Kueper, Global Director, Tripura Foundation