Meet Lokesh, one of our HoPE Learning Center students.  This ten-year-old boy is as courageous and hardworking as can be. 

Lokesh single-handedly takes care of his unemployed alcoholic father and two younger siblings.

His father started drinking after Lokesh’s mother passed away.  At first, he worked wherever he could find a job.  His earnings were already too low to support the family, but now he no longer works at all, and they have no relatives or neighbors to help them.

Because of this situation, Lokesh has been doing all the household chores while also taking care of his younger siblings after school.

The only place he can truly relax and behave like a normal 10-year-old boy is at his local Tripura Foundation HoPE Learning Center.  While there, he forgets his worries and is happy.  His friends love him and his teachers encourage and support him.

He says “For a couple of hours I can forget my entire burden and let other people take care of me. It is very relieving”.

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