Esmeralda Campos from Mexicali, Mexico is an outstanding volunteer who has taught Mind-Sound Technology ™,(MST)™ to the children of Mexicali since 2005. She is an accountant for an international manufacturing firm.

“When I began teaching the MST, I noticed the children were gaining knowledge of a new way of being.  New possibilities opened for them and a new way of seeing things dawned.  Shortly after-wards, a calmness was born allowing the children to be more aware of themselves.  They then recognized that there was a special time being created for them to do these techniques that would made them do well and feel good.  There is cooperation and unity among the students. They rarely miss class.”

Esmeralda feels that not only the children, but she has benefited from teaching the MST, By doing the sounds with the children, I have increased my own level of attention and am able to perceive things at a finer level.  I’ve become more disciplined and make time to do things that help my own growth.  I am more in tune with myself and others in my daily life, and am feeling more peaceful. I am more connected with life and see the sacredness in myself and in all things. I can see that what I receive is a reflection of what I generate within and I am able to apply myself more.”