Diwali is like Christmas in India but with some unique twists. It is “The Festival of Lights,” which commemorates the triumph of knowledge over ignorance. It is an occasion of feasts and festivities, when people gather together to eat and receive new clothes to wear during the upcoming year.

Diwali is a time when people rejoice all over India. It is also a time when the most vulnerable children still go hungry and feel ashamed and lonely because they did not receive new clean clothes to cover their bodies.

We at Tripura Foundation are proud that all 4040 of our children at our 101 HoPE Learning Centers shared great feasts with their parents, received sets of new clothes and celebrated the 2016 Festival of Lights!

Here are photos of some holiday highlights:

Children at all our 101 HoPE Learning Centers enjoyed feasts and celebrations with their friends.

All 4040 children received sets of new clothes to wear during the upcoming school year.

Many of our HoPE Learning Centers held talent shows with classical dances and skits about their Indian heritages to delight their parents, much like these children from five Centers within the Kumbakonam Region.

More importantly, like these children from the Nilgiris Region, many students spoke about being good citizens and what they would need to do in the future to make India the most wonderful place to live.

Yet, despite our numerous proud achievements, we have over 400 children in need of someone to sponsor their ongoing education at HoPE Learning Centers.  This is an incredible opportunity, especially as we celebrate Diwali!  You can now take action to forever uplift the destiny of one of these children for only $9 a month on an ongoing basis, because the greatest LIGHT of all is EDUCATION.

We also still welcome any and all $9 one-time donations to achieve our Diwali fundraising goal of $12,000. We have raised over $10,000 but still need to cover our costs for the food and clothing. So, any and all support that you can provide will be  greatly appreciated!