Sunny has been teaching Mind Sound Technology to the boys at the Boystown in Selaiyur for about 1.5 years now.  He shared with me last week that it wasn’t until he volunteered here that he knew passion.  To spend time with the boys, to teach them such a valuable practice and too see them thrive and grow is what keeps him up at night thinking of how to spread the MST to more and more youth.  He started a new venture helping other students at his college write their CVs.  This is a profit enterprise that Sunny uses the revenue from to help fund a new venture his fellow school mates started called Ansh.  More about that later.  He helped Karthik from Boystown to write the CV that got him placed at Caterpillar as a Mechanical Engineer.  Congratulations Karthik and thank you Sunny.

left Sunny, middle Karthik, right Mr. Armugam (manager at Boystown)

He also teaches the boys MLA or Standardized Research Writing to get them involved in national and even international conferences that will give them experience and exposure and ultimately, empowerment!