Although advertising and the Bollywood entertainment industry markets in Mumbai seem saturated at present, there is a huge demand for photographers by magazines and online media. With an explosion of communication networks in India, digital photography has become a profession with great commercial value.

This is the world's most prospective line-up of future photographers!

In April, children from the R.G. Pudhur HoPE Learning Center, accompanied by the regional coordinator and mentors, visited the International Photography Exhibition that took place in Coimbatore, India.

Besides traditional photography, they learned about video, digital imaging, signage and advertising.

State-of-the-art cameras and video equipment were also on display by leading branded companies like Sony and Canon.

HoPE children in good cheer asked valid questions, which were answered in great detail.

Mr. Babu Venkataraman from M/s.Tamron (Manufacturers of Camera Lenses) took pictures of our students and then had them printed and laminated so they could take copies home.

In great zeal, our children took notes about what they witnessed during displays of vintage video cameras used during the World War, and Phantom digital high-speed cameras (which fly through the air taking pictures via remote controls).

At the end of the day, several students revealed that they want to pursue photography as a hobby or career.

The statement “a picture speaks a thousand words” is not just a colorful phrase. It is an exceptional medium of self-expression. It is an art form that demands a sense of technical expertise. It is also a potential lucrative career for rural Indian children with limited options.

You can help manifest the possibility of billions of words by sponsoring a child for only $10 per month.