This Saturday, March 26th,  was the Wrap Up Outing for our girls.  The 12th Standard examinations have completed and those girls will be heading back to their families in their native places for the summer holidays.  The girls in the other standards still have examinations to write over the next 2 weeks however we had the outing now so all could join in.

The girls got to decide where to go.  They chose a few places to make a full day.  1st stop was Birla Planetarium where they were thrilled to see the universe on the ceiling and watch a scary 3D movie about dinosaurs.  Next to a beautiful park in the center of Chennai to enjoy lush green gardens, a gold fish pond and a playground.   Here they enjoyed ice cream and played in the sprinklers to beat the heat.

Then off to a beach where they played around in the water and sand.  Their highlight was to visit a beach to visit a Goddess Temple and a Mother Mary Church.

It was bitter sweet farewell as some of the 12th standard girls will not be returning to Girlstown.  If they have the required entrance marks, then they will go on to college.  For some this may be the end of their education- it is up to their family and them what they wish to do.  Tripura will continue to sponsor the next step, whatever that is.

Tripura  offers any and all the girls a paid position in the foundation if that is something they would be interested in.  The girls have been doing the MST program for 6 years and they are eligible to be MST trainers, teachers, administrators and ambassadors.

For the remaining girls….see you in June!