This Just In From India –   100 Center Goal a Success!


On February 10th, 70 donors and sponsors of HoPE Learning Centers from around the globe enjoyed a heart to heart connection with 40 HoPE Heroes (special bright children who won awards for leadership, acts of compassion, overall improvements and personal transformations).

The purpose of this HoPE Gala in India was to celebrate Dr. Pillai’s Birthday on his Birthstar day and to thank all supporters who have helped us grow from 7 to 70 HoPE Learning Centers within 7 months! And now we have the funds for 100 Centers- his Birthday Goal was Victorious! Thank you for all of your love & support!

This was the first time that these very poor rural children left their remote villages, experienced a city and visited a 4-star hotel! Yet, their light shone brightly as they received candles of light and love from donors, offered hand-made flower bouquets, shared happy feelings of their new lives, performed skits and danced to a heart-warming song called “You Have Made A Difference.”

Dr. Pillai was delighted like a child himself when he witnessed the brightness and boldness of these shiny, happy children at this event and the transformation of children during his visits to HoPE Learning Centers. The event and completion of this monumental goal are the best presents that we could have given Him. He now wants to open up Centers all throughout India!

Enough words for now… experience the incredible joy in this heartwarming video!