HoPE For The Elderly

Destitute, elderly people all over India are often abandoned by relatives who cannot afford to provide for their needs. With scanty government pensions, they subsist on only on one meal per day.  No one helps them obtain water to drink from village wells or assists them to attend to their bodily functions.  Living in huts that barely shelter, they exist unloved and unseen. For example:
  • Living under the staircase of a government building, Mr. Ottaiyur is 82 years old, poor and alone.
  • Abandoned by her son after her husband's death, Mrs. Nallamal is legally blind with poor hearing and neuropathy in her feet.
  • With a chronic heart condition and little flesh on his frame, Mr. Ponnuswamy often goes hungry because his government pension doesn't cover the costs of medications and meals.
  • As a poor widow, Mrs. Alaguthai often runs out of money and cannot buy meals for the last week or two of each month.

All of these people and thousands of others would likely die lonely tragic deaths if it wasn't for our children. HoPE Learning Center Children come from the poorest of poor families in rural India. Our daily snacks often provide more nutrition than the watery rice that many subsist on most of the time. Their outlooks could be grim, and rightly so, but this is not the case. They are bright and eager. Their hearts and mind are fueled on Compassion. Instead of sinking into moods of self pity common to preteens, they have HoPE and choose to share it with others - namely the poorest of poor elderly people in their villages.

Adults did not initially plan this program. Our children are HoPE Heroes. They saw and identified these poor elderly people. They want to deliver home support items and help them with chores. Happiness and love go in both directions, and will also come to YOU, if you wish to pay just $1 per day to seal a deal between a starving lonely elderly person and a village of compassionate children.

Right now, you are given the choice to embrace Heaven on Earth. $30 per month provides food, supplies, clothing and loving home support to a destitute, uncared for elderly person.  If you give this amount or higher and select " HoPE for the Elderly" on our menu, you will receive a quarterly picture and story of the elderly person that you will sponsor.

Hope learning centers

During Diwali 2013, children at 85 HoPE Centers delivered clean new clothing to elderly and handicapped people in India.

Hope learning centers

Before (left) and after (right) photos of Mrs. Jayammal - a 70-year old widow who could barely afford to feed and clothe herself that we gifted with monthly support and a new sari.

Hope learning centers

HoPE Children found and helped 82-year-old Ottaiyur, a blind man living under the staircase of a government building in Goa.

Hope learning centers

Mr. Ponnuswamy could not afford to eat on his monthly pittance of earnings, but we stepped in to help him survive.