“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller


Want to sponsor a HoPE Learning Center (HLC) but can’t do it alone?

Join like-hearted individuals for Team HLC Sponsorship in 2018


There are currently 21 HoPE Learning Centers in need of regular monthly sponsorship.

What is HLC Team Sponsorship?

Individuals wishing to participate in recurring monthly sponsorship of a HoPE Learning Center will be added to a team of people each contributing an equal amount every month to sponsor an entire HoPE Learning Center (approx. 40 children).

How Much Do I Contribute Each Month?

Teams are comprised of 6 people who will individually give $60/mo. for a total sponsorship of $360/mo.

How is this Different than Donating Individually?

Recurring HoPE Center Sponsors are assigned a regional HoPE Learning Center in India.  Each month, you’ll receive an update on what’s happening at your center with photos of the children and their stories. 

What are the Benefits?

Up to 40 children will regularly receive nutritious food, educational support, skills workshops, phonemic intelligence, personal transformation lessons and hope for a future outside of poverty. 

The children have a cultural practice of praying for center sponsors on their birthday and other powerful times of year to reciprocate blessings of love and support in each sponsor’s life.

How Can I Join?

The fastest way to join a team is to ask your inner circle of friends and family to join you. Simply email contact@tripurafoundation.org with your request to start a team and a list of names and email addresses of those participating.

All team members must have an active account set up through the Tripura Foundation website. An administrator will contact you when it’s time to set up your recurring donation.

If you do not have enough members to complete a team of 6 people, applicants will be put on a list to be partnered with other HLC sponsorship requests. 

Once Tripura has partnered you with others to complete a full team, we will notify you via email.  You’ll receive your team’s name, HLC location and date of recurring donation each month.

What Happens If I Need to Stop Sponsorship?

We know that life can bring unexpected change.  If you need to stop your sponsorship at any time, please write in to contact@tripurafoundation.org and an administrator will help you. We’ll fill your spot on the active team with the next available sponsor applicant.