We Have Become Blind to the Hungry

We Have Become Blind to the Hungry

The Hunger Problem: 

Hunger is a global problem, and we should not turn our backs towards it. On the contrary, each of us must do our bit to keep the hunger problem under check.

The world’s population keeps on increasing, and the number of people suffering from poverty has also gone up.

The gap between haves and have-nots is widening, and if proper measures are not taken, hunger will become a big problem. It is a shame that even today, we have people who are dying because of hunger.

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Reasons for the Hunger Problem

There are several reasons causing hunger. However, the main reasons for the hunger problem are here.

  1. Inequalities of income: this is a significant contributor to hunger. The disparity of income makes certain sections of society prone to hunger.
  2. Loss of livelihood: this is a big reason for hunger and poverty. New technology has made many lose their livelihood, and they cannot find alternatives, and as a result, they find it tough to make their ends meet.
  3. Climatic changes: climate change is a significant problem causing hunger. Agricultural output and livelihood are affected due to climate changes. People are forced to migrate to other regions or countries, but not all are lucky.
  4. Inflation: inflation is a significant culprit causing poverty and hunger. Due to global economic downturns or the fault economic policies in their country, the price of essential commodities shoots up, and people cannot afford it. In countries like Venezuela and Lebanon, many people are suffering from hunger due to inflation.
  5. Terrorism: terrorism affects the everyday life of the people and pushes people towards poverty and hunger. The latest example is Afghanistan; we can see how the people of Afghanistan are suffering under the Taliban military regime.

Impacts of Hunger

Hunger creates many dangerous impacts on society. Let’s see each of them.

  • Creates social imbalance: hunger creates social inequality in society. The rich become more affluent, and the poorer become poorer. The gap keeps on increasing.
  • Causes social restlessness: hunger is a significant cause of social turmoil. The people affected by hunger lose patience and might resort to notorious ways of generating social disturbance.
  • Fuels disharmony: hunger might cause friction and hate among individuals. The poorer people will start feeling jealous of the rich and might start hating them.
  • Hunger disrupts growth: hunger causes unrest and health problems in the society, and as a consequence, the growth and development of a country will be disturbed.

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We Have Become Blind to the Hungry

Today, the world has become very selfish, and we seldom have time to think about the issues plaguing others. Although, as a result, the world of each one of us shrunk; we care about ourselves and the ones belonging to us, we have forgotten to realize our social responsibility.

The advent of social media has kept us in a social cocoon, and we don’t understand the struggles faced by others in the real world. The hardships and struggles of millions of people to make their ends meet go unnoticed, and we are not even feeling guilty about it.

Credible reports say tonnes of food is wasted every day, but on the other end, every year, millions of people are dying due to lack of food. But we are not moved by this heart-wrenching situation and continue to mind our own business.

What Can We Do

As human beings, we all have to display some social responsibility towards our fellow human beings who need help. We can do our part in the following ways to mitigate the problem of hunger.

  • Provide food to the poor and needy whenever possible.
  • Allot a small part of our earnings towards the eradication of hunger.
  • Joining hands with individuals and organizations that work to eradicate poverty.
  • Provide food to the deserving on special occasions like birthdays, wedding days, and festivals.

What Tripura Foundation Is Doing to Eradicate Hunger

When Dr.Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation, his core aim was to reduce people’s suffering. He staunchly believes that only if a person’s food needs are met can he progress spiritually. Taking inspiration from Dr.Pillai, the Tripura Foundation organizes several events and conducts several programs to cater to the people who are poor and weak.

  • Under the Hope for the elderly program, we distribute food and provisions to the elders who cannot earn anymore and have no support.
  • Our Million meals of Hope aims to get food into the hands of people who need it most.
  • We also serve nutritious food to the poor children enrolled in our Hope learning centres.

You can join us in the noble endeavour of eradicating hunger from this world. This is a very big mission and a single individual or an organisation can do only little. But with our collective efforts we can do a lot to tackle the hunger menace. Please reach out to us for more details.