To Be Compassionate!

To Be Compassionate!


On February 1, children at Hope Learning Centers in Coimbatore (Pachapalayam, center, RG Pudhur and Veeriyampalayam) prepared and served a variety of food delicacies to elderly and disabled individuals at Anugraha Ashram in honor of Dr. Baskaran Pillai’s birthday (the Founder of Tripura Foundation).

The day was long and full of hope. At noon, the children served food to the elderly and disabled residents of this home and then they too enjoyed the feasts they prepared after hours of play and shared stories that were enjoyable to diners of all ages.

Late in the evening, the children returned home carrying forever sweet memories about their day eye-opening field trip.

The whole program was planned and initiated by Hope teachers in alignment with Dr. Pillai’s birthday theem for 2019 – “To be Compassionate”.

It doesn’t take much to support Hope, education and compassion for children. Right now, only $10 per month covers the costs of Hope Center sponsorship, tutoring, lessons, materials, daily mini meals and field trips. For only $350 per month, you can sponsor an entire Hope Learning Center filled with 40 children.