Programs of the Tripura Foundation

Programs of the Tripura Foundation

Tripura Foundation 

Dr. Pillai is a new-age philosopher whose primary aim is to remove the suffering of the people. He advocates that one of the noblest and greatest acts a person can do is to change the destiny of a soul with education or share a meal with someone hungry.

In 1989, Dr.Pillai founded created Tripura Foundation, US, to spread his science-based, innovative transformational tools and programs to people around the world. In 1998, he founded the Tripura Foundation, India.

Programs of the Tripura Foundation

Since its inception, Tripura Foundation has strived hard to help the needy and make a difference in their lives. Several programs benefiting the poor have been initiated to bring both smiles and change to their lives. Some of the flagship programs of Tripura Foundation are.

Phonemic Intelligence (PI):

Phonemic Intelligence was conceptualized by Dr.Pillai and has revolutionized education. The poor students taught PI technology show considerable improvement in their learning. The Phonemic Intelligence is oriented to the impoverished children of its Hope Centers in India and at public and private schools in four different countries.

The students derive the following benefits from the Phonemic Intelligence technique

  • It improves academic performance.
  • It cultivates personal behavior.
  • It makes the students optimistic and self-confident.
  • The method boosts their self-regulatory skills.
  • PI enhances their focus and concentration.
  • It brings down stress and anxiety.

 HOPE Learning Centres

Hope Centers Tripura Foundation’s unique initiative for the impoverished children belonging to rural India. They are after-school centers where these children are offered Phonemic Intelligence training, a nutritious mini-meal, yoga practice, personal transformation lessons. But, above all, they get the love and support that lead them towards a promising future.

It is not just the children who are benefited from HoPE Learning Centres; the children bring their acquired knowledge to the village and play a role in transforming the community. Tripura Foundation currently works in and funds 85 Hope Learning Centres across nine states in India.

Hope for the Elderly:

The Hope for the Elderly was started to offer assistance to the abandoned elders or have no one to care for. However, the number of elders having less or no access to good food, clothes, and shelter is too high, and Tripura Foundation is doing its best to address this problem. We distribute necessary food provisions and rations to the elderly through our HoPE center children. The elderly also receive clothing, medical care, and necessities delivered at their door. Tripura Foundation also does its best to improve the living conditions of the elderly.

Millions of Meals of HoPE

Millions of people around the world experience hunger because of the unequal distribution of resources. Tripura Foundation is doing its best to eradicate the problem of hunger. We have launched the Million Meals of Hope program to provide food to people who need it most. Since July 2013, Tripura Foundation has fed over 8 million love-filled meals to people suffering from hunger. To serve more people, we seek to partner with food banks having local and national reach. The cost-effective practices of Tripura Foundation allow us to provide more food with less cost; currently, we can feed five meals for $1.

Hope for India

Tripura Foundation launched Hope for India to help the people fight the coronavirus pandemic. We are focusing on the rural areas of India having less or no access to health care facilities. We teach the people about hygiene and the importance of covering their faces with masks. The elders of the villages are served immunity-boosting meals, and our HoPE Centre teachers see that the children’s mental health isn’t affected due to covid-19. Due to the surge in corona infections, many children cannot attend schools, and our Hope Station Home Study program helps the children prosper in academics, arts, and character building.

You can help us to help.

Tripura Foundation is successfully running the above programs due to donors and patrons like you. You are the secret behind our success. We have a lot more to do for our society and fellow human beings. With you joining us, we can create HoPE in the lives of scores of people out there. Please join us