Nutrition for Education – Nourishing, nurturing, educating and empowering children

Nutrition for Education – Nourishing, nurturing, educating and empowering children

Tripura Foundation and children Education

In 1989, Dr.Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation US as a vehicle to share his science-based, innovative transformational tools and programs with people worldwide. In 1998, the Tripura Foundation, India, was founded. Right from its inception, the Tripura foundation has been working towards empowering children.

The Tripura Foundation introduced several initiatives like providing meals to poor children and tutoring. As a result, more resources and workforce were gradually allotted towards education. Tripura foundation’s initiatives like Boystown and Girlstown brought considerable change in the lives of poor children. The continuous urge to serve the students gave birth to the HoPE Learning Centres, the after-school center. These centers play a vital role in Nourishing, nurturing, educating, and empowering children. Today, there are more than 100 Hope Learning Centers in more locations throughout India.

What is Nutrition for Education

Nutrition for education means the concept of not providing just teaching to the children but creating a favorable atmosphere for education. All children are not the same; each is from a different social background and has a distinct ability to grasp the concepts. Thus, it is vital to show individual care to every child. Efforts have to be made to safeguard students from the rat race of education. First, each child’s particular strengths and weaknesses have to be weighed in, and then the special focus needs to be shown on the child.

Four stages of Nutrition for Education

The concept of ‘Nutrition for Education‘ consists of four stages, nourishing, Nurturing, Educating, and Empowering. Tripura Foundation’s work for children’s education covers all these stages. We provide special care at every step, and the children are assisted ably by the teachers.


Nourishing is the first stage in the nutrition of education. The children are first taught the importance of education. Then, they are made to realize the positive changes education can bring in their life and their parents. The childhood of poor and underprivileged children is not easy; there are many challenges like hunger, lack of proper care, inferiority complex, social barriers, and miscommunication. Our HoPE Center teachers work hard to remove the students’ moral obstacles and help them adapt to the situation.


Nurturing is a sensible process and is an important stage in the Nutrition for Education. The children slowly gain confidence in themselves, develop an interest in the surroundings, and are drawn to education. The HoPE Center teachers put special efforts into nurturing the interests of the children. The children are also provided nutritious meals once a day to boost their health.


At HoPE centers, education is not just academic; it also deals with life skills. Students are taught basic etiquette and manners and are coached on honesty, sincerity, gratitude, tolerance, and compassion. Teachers identify the areas requiring particular focus and coach the students accordingly. The students are also taught the importance of teamwork and are involved in projects that groom cooperation. In addition, the students train in the Phonemic Intelligence technique and yoga to improve their concentration.


We do not stop with educating the children; we also do our best to empower them. The students get a chance to participate in several workshops and learn new skills. Our students learn skills like grooming of birds, cake making, toys making, gardening and making pickles, etc. these skills will help them and their family in the future. Several guests and experts visit our HoPE centers and conduct workshops. Several students who have attended these workshops have benefitted immensely.

Education has the power to bring massive changes in society and the lives of individuals. Tripura Foundation realized this truth long before. Thus, it takes special care and interest in educating children from poor and underprivileged backgrounds and bringing about change and smiles in their lives. You may help us in this noble endeavor; click below for more details.

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