What is the Importance of Education

What is the Importance of Education

Definition of Education

Generally speaking, education can be defined as the process of imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning at a school or similar institution.

The Real meaning of Education

Education is not limited to imparting and acquiring academic knowledge alone; as Mahatma Gandhi rightly says, “Education is an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit.”

Education is the most potent weapon that can change the world. Education is not just about reading books and getting good grades, but it is also about cultivating an individual’s moral and ethical values. Real education is beyond earning degrees; it is more than bookish knowledge.

Inculcating moral values, positive thinking, helping attitude, social responsibility are all part of education. If proper education is imparted, an individual can be a good human being and a responsible citizen.

The Importance of Education

Education is vital because its benefits are so many. It brings about a positive change in individuals, communities, society, and the nation. The following are some of the reasons why education is essential.

  1. More Employment Opportunities: Education plays a vital role in increasing employment opportunities. When people learn new skills, they can easily find employment. In many developing countries, education has played a crucial role in generating more employment opportunities.
  2. Higher Income: As people are educated and trained in new skills, they can aspire for higher pay. Education has reduced the inequalities in income and has boosted income sources.
  3. Improves Skills: the world is constantly changing, and it is essential to update our skills to thrive in this competitive world. Education has ensured that people improve their skills to a great extent and stay up to date.
  4. Boosts Economic condition: as education opens up new job opportunities, it results in a country’s economic boom. The number of people invested in poverty comes down.
  5. Ensures a Prosperous Life: Education plays a significant role in improving the standards of living. Many poor people exit the cycle of poverty due and live a prosperous life.
  6. Giving Back to the Community: a proper education will motivate you to give back to society in some form. We all owe something to society, and you can do it by different means, likes providing cash, kind, or service to the needy and deprived.
  7. Aids creation of Modern Society: there were many misbeliefs and social taboos earlier, and with gradual improvement in education, many of those have been eliminated. The role played by education in eradicating social evils and creating a modern society is phenomenal.
  8. Bridges Borders: Education has narrowed gaps and bridged borders. It has brought people of different races and cultures together. Education has brought down misconceptions we had about other cultures and traditions.

How can you help us

Right from its inception, the Tripura Foundation has accorded greater importance for imparting education. We are striving to make education accessible to the children who are poor and those who belong to rural areas. Through education, there will be a significant positive impact in their lives, and it will also help their family.

Our Phonemic Intelligence technique and Hope Learning stations are making a big impact in the field of education.

We kindly request you to join hands with us to make education accessible and thereby bring smiles to several children. Click here to know more about us and how you can join hands with us.