Importance of Education for Poor Children

Importance of Education for Poor Children

Education and Poor Children

Wikipedia defines education as the process that facilitates learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development.

Education can bring big transformations in the life of individuals and can positively impact society. While there cannot be two opinions on the importance of education, the regrettable fact is the non-availability of education to the poor sections of society.

The Importance of Education for poor children

Several poor children do not have proper access to education. When a poor child is not able to receive proper education, it affects the child’s future and makes life vulnerable.

There are high chances of the child being misled by the anti-social elements and becoming a risk to a society. Educating the child will ensure the child develops faith in the future and thrives to lead a better life.

Changes a proper education can bring for poor children.

Proper education provided to a poor child can impact in the following ways.

Better employment opportunities: a poor child with a formal education has more chances of getting employed. This will directly benefit the child and his family. Reduction of poverty in society indirectly leads to the growth of a nation and makes it strong.

Education boosts confidence: when a child is experiencing poverty, his confidence levels will be low. But education can help a poor child gain confidence and start believing in life.

Brings out Skills: every one born in this world possesses a unique talent, but lack of proper education and training makes it difficult for the poor children to understand their abilities and talents. Education helps them to realize their true potential and to shine with their skills.

Improves the Standard of Living: when a poor child is educated and later gets employment, it will improve the standard of living. Poor children when they grow up can get good jobs and take proper care of their parents and others in the family.

Tripura Foundation and poor child education

Dr. Pillai founded the Tripura Foundation to offer philanthropic support to the world. The foundation is indulging in several activities that will bring a positive change in the lives of several people.

Poor children’s education is given great emphasis at the Tripura Foundation. It’s HoPE learning Centers and Phonemic Intelligence specially focus on making education accessible to poor children.

Thousands of poor children got easy access to education through Tripura Foundations programmes. You too might join hands with us in this noble endeavour. Please reach out to us for more details. Thanks!