Girls Education in India

Girls Education in India

Girls Education

For a long, girls were denied access to Education, and today the situation has improved a lot, but challenges to girls’ Education remain. Almost all societies and countries treated women as less equal than men and denied them their rights. Even in developed countries like America and England, women were denied their due; they had to fight for voting and the right to work. But since the turn of the 21st century, positive changes have happened, and women are beginning to get due recognition and are also provided equal opportunities.

The number of girls receiving Education has shot up. However, still, some challenges exist to Girls’ Education. Here we will be discussing Girls Education in India.

Girls Education in India

In India during ancient times, girls received Education similar to boys. Indian history records that girls were taught shastras and life skills; some were even trained in warfare. In Maurya and Chola kingdoms, there were even female warriors.

But during the fifteenth century, girls’ Education faced obstacles. They were not allowed to study and were confined to kitchens. Moreover, during those days, many were married off when they were less than twelve years old with child marriage. But slowly situation improved, social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, and several others strove to enlighten about the importance of girls’ Education.

Today, things have changed for good, and positive change is visible. Many girls have got access to Education and are getting their due. But still, a lot needs to be done, and in small towns and villages, girls’ Education is still facing challenges. Tripura Foundation is doing its bit to solve this problem; our HoPE learning centers and Girls town are some of the initiatives we have taken in this direction. These have yielded promising results. As a result, many poor and underprivileged girls have better education and dream of a better future.

Challenges to Girls Education

The following are some challenges posed to Girls Education.

  1. Lack of awareness among parents: some parents show more favor to boys, and they think educating girls is unnecessary.
  2. Social insecurity: fear of sending girls out makes parents hesitate to provide Education to girls.
  3. Sexual abuse: parents fear their daughters would be sexually abused if they step out of protective zones like homes.
  4. Poverty: some parents don’t have the resources to educate all their children. They assume that boys will stay with them forever, but girls will leave them after marriage. So they don’t want to spend on educating girls.
  5. Child marriage:  Child marriage poses a severe threat to Girls’ education. Though child marriage is not commonly prevalent, it is still practiced in some small sections of society.
  6. Too many children: certain sections of society don’t have any awareness about family planning, and they have a lot of children. As they don’t have the money to provide education to all the children, they don’t send all their children to school, and most commonly, it is the female children who are not sent to school.

Why is girls Education important

Girls are in no way inferior to boys; they have every right to enjoy every privilege experienced by the boys. However, they need to be provided good opportunities and encouragement. Many women are contributing to society and are making their mark.

Education empowers women and helps them face life’s challenges with courage. It gives them the hope to face difficult situations.

Tripura Foundation welcomes you to join hands with us and do your bit towards girls’ education. Would you mind clicking to know more?